Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Yard Signs

Let’s talk about yard signs. It is so awesome the number of folks who have come in for yard signs. The first Saturday I worked at the Party HQ was literally non-stop traffic for 4 hours straight. Same thing the following Saturday. The vast majority were putting up signs because their neighbors had put up Trump signs. This last Saturday we had run out of nearly all signs for every candidate on the ballot. I asked folks to leave contact information and as soon as the signs came in we would let them know. This was acceptable to 95% of the folks....but a few got belligerent and one was so mad I thought he was going to get violent. This is unacceptable. We volunteer our time to man the office and we do our best to accommodate. Is patience and understanding to much to ask? Some folks said “that’s great that you actually ran out of signs, it sure beats having a pile of them leaning in the corner” or “ I will order one online that way the campaign gets a direct donation”. These signs cost money. Lots of money. And most folks have been very generous and donate for the signs they take which we are very grateful for. The signs are coming. Everything is impacted by COVID-19, including deliveries and manufacturers of signs. Nearly all of the campaigns order from Union shops. We need to be patient with one another and a little more understanding. Thank you.